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NJPW Kizuna Road: Soldiers need to make a decisive decision, perhaps as early as Thursday, and that they will have to act with extraordinary skills throughout the process. The cousin was the starting center until, on April 14-june 25 in the first round of the Full fight stream, he broke his left quadriceps muscle. Six weeks later, with the Full fight finals on deck, he says that he is “mostly healed” and clearly wants to play.

Coach Steve Kerr says that Boogie is painless, but many other factors also need to be weighed in before deciding when and how to use the most experienced center in the roster.

“If it was a regular season, I would throw him there, and he would play in those minutes that he could tolerate, and we would have rebuilt him from there,” said Kerr on Wednesday. “This is no ordinary season.

“This is the final, so we have to figure out how best to use it, how many minutes it can play, what the game looks like, what matches looks like. In part, this will depend on what happens in the game, and other things are simply connected with our employees. ”

It would be risky to put cousins ​​in the starting lineup immediately after such a long dismissal. He is listed as dubious in the game 1. It can be risky, when there is so much at stake, putting cousins ​​on the floor in general.

But it would be a waste of his gifts to restrict him to a bench and rely solely on the centers used in his absence. Kerr held this position with five different players, from Andrew Bogut and Kevon Looney, to Jordan Bell and Damien Jones, and Draymond Green also eluded power forward.

“A huge challenge,” he said. “When you talk about DeMarcus, he is the one who has been in this league for many years. Most likely, he has not played basketball, 16 of the last 19 months, so that in itself is a challenge. Then you start talking about the playoff experience, when you and I both know that the intensity level is completely different from playing in the regular season, and he has little experience in the playoffs. And then you get to the Full fight Finals?

“It’s like a child who grew up in a suburb, went to a private school, and then one day you were just thrown into the hood and told to survive. You must understand this. This is very similar to this. ”

An important part of the equation is the desire of cousins ​​to play. He is regularly recuperating to participate in the finals for his eight-year career for the first time. If it were up to him, he would be on the court for opening the tip on Thursday evening.

“It’s hard to identify with most athletes,” he said. “We are stubborn. We are headlong. We feel that we can fight through anything. And this is not always the best case for man. Therefore, obviously, we will get together and find out the best plan for me. ”

The best plan, at least at the start, would be to play cousins ​​from the bench. Rate its rhythm and level of fitness in game conditions. If it is effective, stick to this plan. If not, talk to a big man.

“You just come back to what you know. You do everything you know, ”Green said. “You are just trying to do it in order to survive. Well, something we know is that Demarcus is a great basketball player. So at this moment you just go out and do what you are good at. And everything else will be consistent.

“But I think it’s also on us,” Green added. “You know that a child has a much better chance of survival if he meets with the right group of friends in the area. We, his teammates, should help him cope with the situation, extract everything from him to help us become a better team and do everything we can to put him in a better position for success. ”

The predators are about to launch Mark Gasol in the center. He is 7 feet 1, 260 pounds. Cousins ​​are a sensible physical match. So do God.
However, no Warrior Center has been more effective this season than the Looney, which is four inches shorter and 40 pounds lighter than the Gasol.

At a press conference on the day of the media, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr reiterated his words, reiterating that Durant would not be available for play 1.

“His next step is individual work in court, so this will be the next priority in the next couple of days,” said Kerr. “I hope he can finish it, and then he will have to practice. We have to see him in practice before he can play the game, but he has not trained yet. ”

It would seem that the appearance of Durant in game 2 – in four days – as a long shot.

The cousins, meanwhile, have the same dark schedule. Although Kerr said it was not yet determined whether the center would be active for Game 1, he does not seem to be in a hurry to throw him back — for his own sake and for the team.